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A new, young male leopard in our area

  • September 24, 2021 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Leopards are quite shy. That means you have to be a lucky to see this big cat on a safari. But it also means that maybe we find an animal that we have hardly seen before. And so a pretty young leopard appeared in our area and offered a show that our ranger Ralf had never seen before.

Mwula on a Marula Tree

"The whole thing happened right in front of our eyes and vehicle, like in a theater. We had the best position," enthuses Ralf.

It was a leopard, which Ralf calls “Mwula”, and which is also known as "the young male leopard". "It was a lovely lovely sighting," reports Ralf.

"I did my best when I wanted to take a picture of him on the tree," says Ralf. "It was windy, a little rainy, and not good light. But the leopard spotted an impala from there, and you can see this in the photo through the focused, wild gaze."

And then Mwula came down from the Marula Tree and started the hunt. "It was just fantastic because he wasn't bothered at all by our presence and the show went on for a long time.

Mwula spotted an impala

Mwula on the hunt

focussed gaze