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Female cheetahs: now we are "cautiously optimistic"

  • February 02, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Here is an update for all wildlife lovers, who are following our exciting "Female Cheetah Project". The three wild cats continue to do well since the release. They are all still alive, hunt, eat, and they have even met with the males. But there are also some challenges…

A beautiful picture: Female cheetah after a successful hunt

One of the Female Cheetah got injured after a fight with a Warthog

The vet had to intervene and treat the animal

The wound needed to be stitched

Good news first: We find the female cheetahs from time to time on our game drives, observe them sometimes even eating a prey. The most important challenges are mastered very well by them: they hunt successfully and withstand the dangers of the reserve. The animals previously had no experience in such an environment. We are now cautiously optimistic, but the concern remains.

Second positive point: A first meeting with the cheetah males, of the so-called "phinda coalition", that is straying in the park, took place. The basis for a successful mating is set. But the rendez-vous was not harmless. "They had a real territorial fight," says Rhulani's ranger Sean, "and the females ran straight away".

On the negative side, one of the female cheetahs was found with an injury sustained in a fight with a warthog. The vet did intervene in this case to prevent infection, so that all three animals are doing well again.

Overall, the balance so far is much better than expected. About seven weeks ago, the wildcats were released in the reserve. That this works so easily, for all three, we could only dream of. After many failed attempts in the past, the expectations were low. Now we are curious how the project will continue.

Rhulani is a sponsor of this project. We keep you informed about new developments (also on social media under #RhulaniCheetah).

Overall, the cheetahs have setteled in well in Madikwe Game Reserve