Our commitment

Rhulani Safari Lodge fulfills the regulatory requirements in connection with the protective measures for COVID-19. We ensure that everyone in the lodge is protected at all times and that our guests will experience a carefree stay with us in the African bush.

Our guests benefit from the following measures:

Private Game Drives

The daily safaris together with your qualified ranger are carried out exclusively for you and your family or companions and without additional guests. You will enjoy a private bush experience.

Rhulani reserves the right to adjust the safari times and the duration of the safaris accordingly.


Luxury & Space

Rhulani Safari Lodge is an ideal place to meet the requirements of hygiene and social distancing due to the always high standards of quality and hygiene as well as its spacious, open premises.

All of our guests' Luxury Private Chalets are far apart.



Hygiene & Protection

Hand sanitizers and protective masks are available at all locations in the community zone and during your daily safaris. Just help yourself.






Privacy at meal times

On request, we would be happy to organize a private dinner for you and your family or travel companions, at a separate place or in your private chalet.




Guest Convenience Pack

We give all our guests a practical "COVID-19 Convenience Pack" with a protective mask, gloves, soap and hand sanitizer.





Best practice protocols

Our team ensures at all times that all best practice requirements of the Department of Employment and Labor and the Department of Health are met.

Capturing your contact information and monitoring your health is the basis for your safety.




Medical care

We ensure your medical care through Africa Safe-T. In case of a COVID-19 infection, we take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of you and all people around you.




Your travel preparation

  • Registration Procedure on arrival: All arriving guests will be registered at the gate of Madikwe Game Reserve. For all travellers it is required to register name, home address, telephone number and vehicle number and a health check is carried out, consisting of temperature measurement and health declaration.
  • Proof of Residence: All guests will be expected to present a proof of residence at the gate in the form of a Water or Electricity Bill or a stamped letter from the municipality stating the Ward number. Every guest will be expected to complete a form that states that the information provided is true and can be verified as such. 
  • Adjusted Gate Operating Times: Gate times of Madikwe Game Reserve for entry and exit will be from 7 am to 5 pm. Special arrangement can be made for early and late use, but not earlier than 6am and later than 8pm
  • Use of Protective Masks: Guests are advised to bring protective face masks. The wearing of face masks is mandatory on the daily safaris as well as when staying in the common areas of the lodge if the recommended distance rules cannot be observed.
  • Intra-lodge Travels: Guests who want to visit another lodge in the reserve must leave the reserve first and register again
  • Medical Waste Collection: Guests are kindly asked to keep their medical waste (as the lodge management has no expertise  to deal with medical waste)