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The adventure begins the moment you arrive at Madikwe Game Reserve. An African welcome awaits you at the lodge. Rhulani means "relax" so we invite you to sit back and enjoy the African bush with us!

Creating Rhulani has been both stimulating and inspirational. We set out to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to build a modern-day refuge, an oasis of calm, a place to nourish the soul and lift the spirit. We invite you to experience the serenity and harmony of this special place with us – come celebrate nature, celebrate life.


Highlight of the year: A Leopard kill next to our vehicle

Last Thursday, the biggest safari highlight of the year happened, just in front of our eyes. After a long time we discovered the wonderful leopard “Munye”. We followed him for a short time when he was walking through the savannah. Then we saw how he killed a warthog right next to our vehicle. Our guests followed the spectacle and were blown away by this once in a lifetime experience.

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Looking for the Big5 - E6: Spotting baby elephants

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a ranger? In Episode 6 Rhulani Safari Lodge Field Guide Alasdair finds us a heard of elephants with little babies, and a mother protecting them. Hold your breath!

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Rhulani Minute Safari - The elephant with one tusk

If an elephant once in its life breaks a tusk, it does not grow again, it is lost. It is just a tooth, and not a nail or horn like the horn from a rhinoceros. Here we meet an elephant bull with just one tusk.

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