If you are looking for an active thrill beyond the excitement of Big Five sightings on a game drive vehicle, a guided bush walk offers an opportunity to connect with the African bush, learning about its fascinating fauna and flora of Madikwe Game Reserve. 

Embark on an adventure where your feet tread in the tracks of Africa’s wild inhabitants, your nostrils fill with the scent of crushed wild grasses as you push through the bush and all six senses reawaken as Africa touches you and you touch Africa. 

At one with nature, discover a range of natural wonders in the company of your experienced, walking safari guide. Learn how to track, seeing how close you can come to smaller game like impala or bushbuck without them being aware of your presence.

Smell and taste wild herbs, learning their traditional uses, and explore the smaller marvels of the bush, from the magnificent tapestry of a spider’s web to the microscopic world of the dung beetle.


Duration: 2 hours

Cost: ZAR 650 per person

Minimum three weeks advance booking required

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