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The adventure begins the moment you arrive at Madikwe Game Reserve. An African welcome awaits you at the lodge. Rhulani means "relax" so we invite you to sit back and enjoy the African bush with us!

Creating Rhulani has been both stimulating and inspirational. We set out to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to build a modern-day refuge, an oasis of calm, a place to nourish the soul and lift the spirit. We invite you to experience the serenity and harmony of this special place with us – come celebrate nature, celebrate life.


Rhulani Minute Safari - Steenbok and a buffalo herd

A little Steenbok is resting in the grass. It doesn’t feel disturbed by our presence, nor by the rather impressive herd of Buffalo which is threateningly approaching. The small antelope bravely defends its position.

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Life of a Ranger: Rock Python at night

Did you know that there are snakes in the Madikwe Reserve, which can sometimes also be spotted on game drives? Rhulani’s ranger Alasdair tells us about a recent sighting in the dark where he was actually looking for a leopard and then to his amazement came across a rock python. Truly amazing!

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Rhulani Minute Safari - An undecided lion

A male lion in the tall grass. He walks forward, turns, goes back - he’s definitely undecided on where to go. So he is probably not on a hunting mission, but he has picked up a scent and is now a bit confused as to which direction he should go. The grimace on his face (also called Flehmen) shows that he has picked up something.

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