Experience even more peace, privacy and luxury in the seclusion of Rhulani Safari Lodge by going on the daily safari drives all alone - just you and your companions - together with your ranger, without any other guests on the vehicle.

Plan the safaris according to your own wishes, together with your ranger. You will be completely alone when you immerse yourself in the beauties of the African wilderness. Benefit from the opportunity to book your private vehicle and private ranger for the entire stay.

Cost per day:

ZAR 5’000 for 6 persons or more

ZAR 8’500 for 4 to 5 persons

ZAR 12’000 for 3 persons or less


Terms & Conditions:

  • A private vehicle must be booked for your entire stay.
  • When determining the costs, all adults and children aged 6 and over are included.
  • a private vehicle is not available at all times. Please inquire about the possibilities when making the booking
  • On a private vehicle we also allow children under 6 years of age. However, the ranger reserves the right to keep more distance from potentially dangerous animals in order to ensure the safety of the guests.

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