Here at Rhulani we offer a variety of different styles of yoga, as well as meditation and breathwork sessions.

Our Vinyasa yoga classes are strong, fast paced classes in which we connect our breath to postures to create a seamless flow of movement. These classes help to create a wider range of motion, building strength and increasing flexibility. Perfect as a morning or afternoon activity as they are a wake up and pick you up. 

Yin classes are slow, quiet and contemplative with postures that are held for longer periods of time. These classes help to alleviate stress and restore your energy levels by stilling your body as well as your mind. These are great for late afternoon/evening as they improve your quality of sleep and calm your mind. 

Yinyasa classes are an intergration of the two above mentioned styles of yoga. They connect the seamless flow of vinyasa, but slow it down, holding postures for longer periods of time whilst still generating heat and strength in the body. Yinyasa classes suit any time of day. 

Meditation sessions benefit you both physically and emotionally by calming your body and mind, enhancing attention, reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Breath work has a lot of the same benefits and these sessions are hosted using both modalities together. 
Meditation and breathwork sessions can be taken separately to yoga but can also be added on to lengthen a yoga class.

We invite you to enjoy the practice of mindfulness, movement and relaxation.

Our packages:



  • 1 session of 2 hours

Cost: ZAR 6'500



  • 4 sessions of 1 hour each, spread over 2 consecutive days

Cost: ZAR 10'000



  • Tailor-made program for you with unlimited hours, spread over 2 consecutive days

Cost: ZAR 14'500


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Terms & Conditions:

  • The Yoga & Meditation experience is organized privately for you. You can include as many persons who are travelling with you as you wish
  • Booking is on request and should be made at least 2 (two) weeks before arrival to ensure availability
  • Within the packages described above, the type of Yoga class or Meditation can be freely chosen. The exact timing will be determined before your arrival, taking your wishes into account as best as possible
  • Further packages according to your individual wishes are available on request