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Tshembo Hide

Tshembo Hide

A Different Perspective

Observe and photograph Africa’s iconic animals up close, all from a comfortably furnished underground lounge right by a watering hole.

From the main lodge area, you walk quietly through a tunnel so that the animals at the watering hole do not notice you are right next to them. Tshembo Hide’s floor-level windows offer a whole new experience – you'll get a frog's perspective of the animals and birds gathered at the watering hole and have the opportunity to take unique photos.

For passionate animal lovers, Tshembo Hide is also an ideal place to rest and linger. Have a coffee or drink a beer here and be curious about which and how many animals will come around to drink water.

The hide is also open at night, so with a little luck you may see animals that are more difficult to find during the day: a spotted hyena or even a leopard, perhaps?

Rhulani Safari Lodge’s observation hide is the largest construction project undertaken since the lodge opened. It was completed in July 2020, in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The name Tshembo Hide was chosen on 5 October 2020 through a social media competition. “Tshembo” is a Xitsonga word that means “hope”.