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Conservation and Community

Conservation and Community

Our Commitment to Conservation and Community

We, Marisa and Rolf, the owners of Rhulani Safari Lodge, are driven by a desire to share the beauty of the African bush with our guests from all over the world. We aim to meet the highest quality standards in hospitality while living in harmony with the environment and contributing to preserving the world’s ever-declining biodiversity. We also support nearby villages and communities where many of our employees live. As a guest, you are part of this quest.

Since day one, we have been acutely aware that a business can only be sustainable and successful in the long term if all influences are taken into account and everyone who contributes to it is allowed to participate in its success.

It goes without saying that we want to offer the best product to our guests, provide our employees with a great and safe place to work that has development opportunities, treat all our partners fairly, and pay all bills and taxes. But out here, far away in the bush, that’s not all ...

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We believe it is essential to ensure that the indescribably beautiful nature that can be enjoyed at Rhulani Safari Lodge – with its unique wild animals, great diversity of plants and many bird species – is preserved so that future generations can also enjoy and admire it.

We are in constant contact with ecological experts at Madikwe Game Reserve to support their efforts to protect certain endangered animal species and to ensure that you and your children can continue to admire them in their natural habitat.

We help to preserve the population of wild dogs – the animal that drew international attention to the reserve three decades ago when this species was on the brink of extinction. Further, we contribute to the protection of rhinos by supporting activities to identify and track these unique mammals via so-called "rhino notching." Also, it is particularly important to Rolf to ensure the sustainable reproduction of cheetah populations in the reserve – the cheetah is Rolf's favourite animal.

We have had some great successes over the past few years: the number of rhinos killed by poaching is very small, and after many failed attempts, the first cheetah birth finally succeeded in the midst of the Covid pandemic lockdown. What a joy!

As a guest, you can also contribute directly to the conservation activities in the reserve and create a unique, unforgettable experience for you and your family.

“It is a unique opportunity to do something meaningful and add a special experience to your holidays.” – Rolf Steiner, Rhulani owner


The Madikwe Game Reserve, where Rhulani Safari Lodge is located, is in South Africa’s North-West province, where the gap between luxurious holiday destinations such as Sun City or Rhulani and the rural population could not be bigger.

We create jobs and working conditions that give our employees and their families a livelihood, an opportunity for professional development and a second home.

But our cooperation with local communities goes much further than that: we use small local suppliers for our daily needs, services and purchases; and from time to time we arrange special projects, especially for local schools where the need for repairs and access to educational material is significant, helping with action and finance.

Voluntary Donation

As a guest, during the relaxing hours between game drives you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of life in a local village and see where our staff are from.

If you would like to help us help the communities around Rhulani Safari Lodge with voluntary donations, we ask you kindly to either add a specific amount to your hotel bill to be paid upon check-out or to make a payment to the following bank account, stating the specific purpose:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Business Westrand
Universal Branch Code: 128605
Account name: RHULANI Safari Lodge (Pty) Ltd.
Account number: 1286048613