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“It's all about the quality of the experience”

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With great joy, Willem sends us a "great photo" and tells us about its uniqueness. Rhulani’s 26 year old ranger suggests that this photo should definitely be shared, even though it is a bit blurry. A bit blurry? To be honest, this photo is far from meeting our quality standards. But Willem insists: “It's not about the photo, it's all about the experience.”


Maybe you can still recognize it in the photo. The body shape is an indicator, and the ears are very distinctive. Yes, what you see here, quite unexpectedly, running past in the dark savannah, is an Aardvark.

Aardvarks, also called “African Ant Bears”, are medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammals native to Africa. They have a long snout, similar to that of a pig, which is used to sniff out food. They subsist on ants and termites by using their sharp claws and powerful legs to dig the insects out of their hills. Aardvarks also dig to create burrows in which to live and rear their young.

If you love safaris, you may know that you almost never will see an Aardvark.

Hopefully when we get back down there we will get to stay once again with you at Rhulani!”

Mr. Ronan Brendon, Guest of Rhulani Safari Lodge

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One of the guests on Willem's vehicle that night, Mr. Ronan Brendon, had his camera ready and took the picture. We are grateful that he reacted quickly in order to capture this special moment despite poor conditions, and we are thankful that this photo was sent to us. 

Mr. Brendon sends us the following message: "One night on safari that week we came across an Aardvark down near where the fire and the dead elephant was. Willem was just so excited and it was so fun to see and be a part of. I just realized I don't think we ever sent the pix we took of the Aardvark. I have attached what we have, it was dark so certainly not National Geographic quality but we told Willem we would send. Hopefully when we get back down there we will get to stay once again with you at Rhulani!”

We all agree. We had a great moment out there and as Willem rightly says. Safari is not about taking the best photo. It's all about the experience!

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