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My funny story: A tiger in the reserve

- Staff

Funny everyday life stories from the bush: Rhulani's Head Ranger Sean tells us a short anecdote from an April fool’s joke.

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“I remember this little episode that happened a few days after the first of April. 

One of my guests arrived at the lodge and asked me “ How is the Tiger you recently released in Madikwe doing?”

At first I hesitated on this question. Tiger is an animal that does not occur in Madikwe. Their significantly fragmented and depopulated range extends from India to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sumatra. But not Africa, and not Madikwe.

Then I remember the blog article that Rhulani's owner Rolf published on our website and on Facebook just a few days before. I had to explain my guest the April fool’s joke. Hahaha”.

If you want to read it, it is still here.

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