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Internet for guests: now more stable and faster

  • June 15, 2017 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Good news for all Rhulani guests, for whom a well functioning Internet is indispensable. We have successfully completed the installation of a new system, which provides stable access with 10mbps download speed, and which is accessible in all main areas of the lodge, and in your private chalet.

It is well-known that a good, stable internet is a challenge for a safari lodge that is located in the middle of a wildlife reserve, 100 km from the nearest town. Until recently a connection was only possible via satellite. This was an acceptable solution but also with some weaknesses: the signal was not stable, weather-susceptible, and often quite slow because of the limited data download.

A new alternative has been available recently, which was installed in Rhulani at the beginning of June. We are now part of large wireless networks that cover a large area in North West Province and which all terminate onto a fiber backbone. With this solution, there are no bottlenecks to be expected and the "download cap" has been eliminated. First test show that the 10mbps download speed is stable.

At Rhulani Safari Lodge we offer Internet access for our guests free of charge. Each guest chalet has its own router, to which a room telephone is attached. Wireless signal is also available in the bar, in the lounge, at the swimming pool, and in our conference room.

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