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My funny story: Cemented with nasty mud

  • December 13, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Funny everyday life stories from the bush: Rhulani's ranger Alasdair tells us today about what happened after he took a bath in the nasty mud in sight of all his guests.

Alasdair tells his funny story today

“My new funny story happened the other day. It is actually a bit of a sad one with funny end. 

On our afternoon game drive, I noticed there was an impala stuck in ‘inkwe pan’. It did not move. I thought that this is not right and there is a chance that maybe this impala can pull through and live.

The only problem was it was in the middle of a super muddy pan. So myself and my colleague Martin decided to get off the vehicle, go wade into the mud and get the impala out, which we did. Martin and I looked like a bunch of baboons playing in the mud.

Unfortunately, we found that the animal was dead. Finally, we got the carcass out of the mud. This was the very sad part of the story.

Then the whole game drive we were covered in this horrific clay. That stuff was horrible and smelled like elephant wee. Even worse, once it dried up, it was terrible. My legs were cemented in the driving position and couldn't move. I felt like a drunken penguin trying to walk. 

Just a hint: don't go wading in the mud it's horrible and makes you walk funny.”

Taking the dead impala out of the mud