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My funny story: The impala hanging in the tree

  • November 25, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Funny everyday life stories from the bush: Rhulani's Head Ranger Sean tells us a little anecdote from when he found an impala hanging in the tree.

Sean tells us his funny story today

"Actually, all safari guests want to see the classic picture of the leopard and a prey on the tree.

I remember the day we had just found an impala kill hanging in a tree. The leopard, however, was nowhere to be seen. What a shame. The dead animal was just hanging there, in the branches. 

Then one of my guests asked me this simple question: 'Will the Impala climb down later today after resting in the tree???'

I had a big giggle. I simply turned around to my guests and said: ¨I am so sorry, but the impala is dead, it will go nowhere…'"

A leopard with an impala kill hanging in a tree