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My funny story: The supposed gecko in the bathtub

  • December 07, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Funny everyday life stories from the bush: Rhulani's owner Rolf tells how we were surprised after a guest complained about a gecko in the bathtub.

Rolf tells us his funny story today

"This story happened several years ago at Rhulani. I still remember it with a smile which means it was very funny.

An international, not perfect English speaking guest called our front desk from the room saying that there was a gecko in his bathtub and he would like to get help to take it out.

Geckos are nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, for guests unfamiliar with the bush, this can be very unusual and disturbing. That's what we thought. In any case, our recepcionist Jeanette made her way to the guest room, with an empty beer glass in hand.

The guest opened the door and started to laugh. "What do you want to do with a beer glass?" he asked. "That's how we catch the gecko," Jeanette explained. "Well then, good luck," said the guest, leading Jeanette into the bathroom.

Jeanette stood there with big eyes and open mouth. There was indeed a full-grown, about a meter long rock monitor stuck in the bathtub. The poor animal had fallen through the thatched roof.

For us a lesson: Our guests are sometimes more used to the bush than we think!"

A rock monitor walking on the roof beam. It is much bigger than a gecko!