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A successful relocation from eight wild dogs with Rhulani

An unusual activity in connection with Madikwe's extensive wild dog project provided an unforgettable day for Rhulani’s guests. Three female and five male wild dogs have been relocated to a larger boma. The capture of the animals, the move, the medical care and the release at the new place took the whole day.

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Rhulani regularly sponsors such necessary conservation activities. We help the park achieve the goals of wildlife management and offer our guests a “once in a lifetime experience”. This time we offered help in connection with the wild dogs (see more details here). It is a typical animal for Madikwe which requires special monitoring. A few years ago, this animal was almost extinct worldwide.

Currently, new wild dogs are being introduced which leads to a revitalization of the blood and promotes future reproduction. For the first time in history we will have four different gene pools in the reserve. 

The eight dogs had to be transported to a new boma, which will be divided in two sections and where they will be bonded to form new packs. The release is planned for next February, right at the time when impalas, a favorite meal for wild dogs, give birth and hunting becomes easier.

For our guests this was a unique and unforgettable program for the day. It took a long time to capture all the animals. We were reminded that these are indeed "wild dogs"! The veterinarian had to treat one female which had been badly injured a few days before. Our guests watched the darting process as well as the surgery up close.

It was almost dark when we were back at the lodge, completely exhausted from the long day and the many impressions. The relocation was successful, so we look forward to a future where the wild dogs in Madikwe will be admired by the next generations.

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