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A wonderful upgrade to our new “Rhulani Boutique”

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As part of the ongoing renovations in Rhulani, we recently took a look at our curio shop. With the help of our interior designer Heather from Flipswitch, we once again managed to achieve the expected upgrade and adapt the appearance to the general look and feel of the lodge. Our curio shop can now be called "Rhulani Boutique".

As she has done so many times over the past ten years, Heather has done a great job of incorporating new, fresher colors, designs and artwork, while still taking into account that Rhulani is a safari lodge in the middle of nature and we want to stay true to our concept of natural colors.

It was time to give our curio shop, which invites guests to take home a souvenir from their time in Rhulani, a new look. Our front of house employee Kyla, who is responsible for the curio shop, put a lot of joy and energy into it and drove the project forward.

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PHOTO 2024 06 28 07 52 41
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PHOTO 2024 06 28 07 54 26
PHOTO 2024 06 28 07 53 31

It wasn't just about the decoration and design. At the beginning, physical renovations were necessary, with new storage capacity, new cabinets, new flooring, new lighting, etc. And the the new boutique was to be enriched with a new selection of curio items.

The result is remarkable. We are very happy to be able to present the new boutique to our guests. Thanks to everyone who helped with the project, especially Kyla and Heather, but also our renovation partner Ohm Lieb, who once again showed that out in the bush every unexpected problem can be solved calmly.

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