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Funding of 2 female cheetahs successfully completed

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An exciting project in Madikwe achieved an important milestone. The fundraising for 2 female cheetahs, has been successfully completed.

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Everyone can contribute towards this project
- Rolf Steiner, Rhulani's owner

Great news on October 31: "We did it!" says Carlien Esterhuizen with great enthusiasm. Carlien is the Field Ecologist and the leader of the ambitious project "Female Cheetah” in Madikwe." Thanks to the contributions from the guests, lodges guides and other wildlife lovers, enough funds were collected to buy a second female cheetah, in addition to the one where Rhulani has taken over the sponsorship.

The permissions between Madikwe and the Lalibela Game Reserve for the transfer of the big cats is already in place. “Hopefully they will arrive by the end of November”, says Rhulani’ s owner Rolf, who is also very excited about this message, but knows that there is no guarantee on dates.

After arrival, the cheetah females will be placed in a boma for approximately 3 months to habituate them to the electrical fence, the lions as well as the 4 male coalition of cheetah, which could potentially pose a threat to their survival.

Everyone can contribute towards this projectRolf Steiner, Rhulani's owner


This will give a little extra time to the project to raise additional funds for the satellite collars. Rolf would like to make another appeal to all bush lovers: “Everyone can contribute towards this project”. Please make the payment to below bank account for the project and send a proof of payment to

Name of account:  Madikwe Concessionaires Forum
Bank: RMB Private Bank
Branch code: 222026
Account number:  62454169717

Stay connected and we will keep you up to date on further development in this blog section and in Social Media Channels under #rhulanicheetah.

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