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How can I support animal conservation activities?

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Although Madikwe is a wildlife reserve, where the laws of the free nature apply, there is a park management, which undertakes certain activities for the protection of endangered animal species. As a guest of Rhulani, can I give support and participate in such activities?

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Yes, this is possible. For many conservation activities, the Madikwe Reserve is dependent on donations and is glad to organize a program in which the sponsors can participate actively, which will be a memorable event for the guests. To get an insight into how conservationists work and to participate actively is a unique opportunity to do something sensible and add a special experience to the holidays.

Examples of typical conservation activities are rhino notching, lion contraception, buffalo collar removal, and very specific activities depending on the need at the time of the request. Interested guests should contact our Front of House early enough to see what options are available to organize the activity for the time of your stay with us. Rhulani will provide you with an offer that covers the effective costs of the operation, including the veterinarian, conservationist and the use of a helicopter if required. The total cost depends on the nature and duration of the activity.

The work is embedded in an attractive daily program, which includes:

  • exclusive day for you and your group with your Rhulani Ranger
  • crossing the Madikwe Reserve to the east side (where you normally do not get)
  • start of the program in the Madikwe Botanical Gardens with breakfast or lunch
  • briefing about the activity by the veterinarian and the conservationist
  • search for the animal by helicopter (if necessary), whereby a guest can fly as a passenger
  • darting of the animal from the helicopter
  • work on the animal with the veterinarian, with active participation from the guests
  • ensure that the animal comes back on its feet and it recovers well
  • return to Rhulani

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