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New toilets for the primary school in Supingstad

Rhulani’s employees used the quieter month of May for a matter close to their hearts. In the primary school in the village of Supingstad, around 15 km away, where many of our employees live and where their children go to school, a long-overdue renovation was carried out. This required sweat, hard work and some financial outlay. The result is satisfactory: The children now have a safe, clean and functional toilet room again.

Good cooperation and help to the surrounding villages and communities is an important part of our existence.

At the primary school in Supingstad we were presented with a disastrous picture. The few toilets for the numerous students were in a miserable state. Dirty and not even functional.

We had just purchased brand new toilets and were about to start the installation, when a storm swept over the village, which to make matters worse blew away the roof of the toilet house and created a new construction site.

So the first step was to install new beams and then replace the roof, a work which was completed in just a few days with the help of Rhulani’s maintenance team. Only then could a load of new toilet seats be transported from Rhulani to Supingstad and then installed.

The paths to the toilet house were also cleaned and the grass cut to make access easier for the children and also safer in view of possible venemous snakes.

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