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A day of maintenance work at a nearby Primary School

  • June 06, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

The timing was good and the situation urgent: during Rhulani's quieter period before the start of the winter months, our team helped carry out much-needed repair work at the Secondary School in the nearby village of Supingstad. A defective roof was removed, eliminating a significant safety hazard, and the grass was cut so the children can enjoy playing football again.

A fresh coat of paint

"The damaged roof was really a big hazard. It couldn't be repaired because the underlying support structure could no longer support it," says Rhulani's manager Shade. The roof could have blown off in the next storm and caused quite a bit of damage. "The roof has been removed for now and we will see what we can do next."

Above all, the many children at the school were happy that the high grass was finally cut on their playground and they could finally play football again. Rhulani's maintenance team also brough along new paint, so here and there a fresh coat of paint was applied, which immediately gave the place a fresher and more welcoming touch.

"Our help was a drop in the bucket, but it was certainly a good start," says Shade. "There is much to do!" Above all of the toilets are not working and urgently need to be replaced. This will most probably be the subject of the next stage.

The grass had to be cut

The broken roof is removed