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A first encounter with the skittish beauties

  • November 20, 2014 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Monday, 17 November, was the first day to see the two cheetah females in their transitional boma. A first encounter with the skittish beauties.

Our first snapshot from the recently arrived female cheetahs in the transitional boma

With great excitement last Monday, we approached the boma where two beautiful cheetah females were recently introduced into Madikwe.

"They seem very healthy, but still skittish of the vehicle. My guests did see them and were very happy to know they are here…" Jaces, Rhulani’s Ranger, summarizes this first meeting.

“They seem very healthy, but still skittish of the vehicle” – Jaces, Rhulani's Ranger

Keeping in mind that the two cheetah sisters arrived only a week ago in their new home, after traversing South Africa from the Eastern Cape to Madikwe, their shyness and the need for some rest is thus, quite understandable.

Jaces did not want to force this first encounter: "We want to make sure that the big cats get used to the vicinity of vehicles, but on the other hand, we also want them to not be stressed in these early days." So Jaces remained somewhat at a distance, avoiding to drive around the boma fence.

One day later, we got lucky. As the temperatures were a bit chilly and there is quite a lot of shade in the boma, the cheetahs were looking for a sunny spot, which at the time was close to the fence and ideal for our first snapshot.

Rolf, owner of Rhulani, is enthusiastic: "We do not know yet which of the two sisters will be the one that Rhulani has taken over the sponsorship for, but soon they will be set free, and we will know ‘our Rhulani'."

Enjoy the very first photo, and stay in contact with us for more updates of this exciting project #rhulanicheetah!