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A hesitating black rhino

  • February 11, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Luckily, Sean had his smart phone ready to film the moment when his vehicle suddenly stood in front of this totally relaxed black rhino. It was one of those incredible highlights that can happen on safari.

The question was: Will the big pachyderm turn around and run away, or will it attack? These would have been the typical reactions of black rhinos. But no, it just stood there, looked at us, and hesitated. It did not know what to do. This gave us the opportunity for a unique sighting from close range.

Rhulani’s Head Ranger Sean comments: “The young male rhino came closer and snorted, then it turned away. I remember that we've met this animal a few times recently. It seems to have its area around our lodge. Fortunately, it does not feel disturbed by the presence of a vehicle.”

So, our guests had the opportunity to enjoy a rare and special black rhino sighting. The animal only became aggressive when a second vehicle joined.

Sean says: Fortunately, in Madikwe we see a lot of beautiful rhinos in the wild. However, unlike the white rhinos, black rhinos are much harder to find and to observe from near.

Surprisingly, the likelihood of such a sighting has increased noticeably lately. In January, we found a black rhino on 27% of all our game drives. The chances do not look that bad!