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A Hyena for a Sundwoner

  • January 08, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

A normal afternoon game drive. The sun is on the horizon. Time for sundowners. Alasdair stops in a nice place and sets up the table next to the vehicle. A white tablecloth is also there. Rhulani style. The bar in the bush is set up. The guests stretch their legs, enjoying the peace and quiet out here. Alasdair shakes the mixer for a refreshing gin and tonic. A guest says: "Alasdair, there is a Hyena!"

The Hyena is sniffing at the sundowner's table

Alasdair reassures the guests: "It is a Spotted Hyena. It is completely relaxed and it is moving away from us." He prepares another gin and tonic. "Don’t worry!"

At the same moment the Hyena turns around. The guest says: "Alasdair, now it is coming towards us!"

Alasdair: "Oh ... let's panic!"

Only a few seconds later, all guests are back on in their seats in the open land cruiser. Everyone knows what looks like a cute house dog is an extremely dangerous predator. The bar table is now a bit abandoned in the bush, while the Hyena slowly approaches.

It is amazing that the animal, which you do not see up close so often, is not afraid. On the contrary! The food on the table seems to have piqued its curiosity.

"Please don't eat my biltong!" says Alasdair.

The Hyena just sniffs around. No bits on the biltong. It doesn't seem to like the nuts or the dry mango neither. Time for us to enjoy this extraordinary moment and take unforgettable photos.

Later the Hyena loses interest and goes on its way. The sun has now disappeared on the horizon. We get off the vehicle again and enjoy the last moments of the sundowner. Simply magical.