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Booooom ... There was the leopard

  • February 26, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

There's something special, magical about the photo of the drinking leopard, don't you think? It was shot yesterday, on game drive, by our ranger "Captain Redbeard" Alasdair. Let's ask how this came about.

Alasdair did some research after this amazing sighting: "So after going through the data base it turns out this is actually the Kwalata male. This leopard is a bit more than two years old.

It was tough to get to this sighting. First, my colleague Willem found a leopard in a tree and I was quite a way behind him. Once I got close the leopard jumped down so I was beyond determined to find him again and spent some 45 minutes looking and looking until I just had a feeling that Inkwe Pan was where I need to go.

So I turned around and drove up to this pan which is the closest to Rhulani Lodge and .... Booooom! ... Here he was walking towards the pan for a drink. The light and everything was just unbelievable, This is one of my best ever leopard sightings!"