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Bushfire – Rhulani's closing time a little later

  • August 01, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Winter time, dry season, and so, high season for one of the greatest natural hazards lurking in the African bush: a bush fire. A few days ago we were once again reminded of this danger when we saw smoke and a sea of flames on the horizon. The thrill and the potentially destructive power was managed perfectly with professionalism and the South African composure for such situations and the fire was brought under control.

The fire could be seen from our patio

All men in action

"It is a an impressive fire, but the guys have it under control," says Rhulani's manager Shade in a voice that shows no great excitement about it. It bothered her a bit that the planned dinner in Rhulani’s beautiful boma had to be moved to the dining room because of the smoke.

So our rangers were not yet done for the day after the game drive on that Saturday evening. Ralf and Dean set off again, and carried Fire Trailer with a full tank of water. What is a unique experience for inexperienced bush guests means something like everyday life for a qualified ranger.

All the lodges were there, standing by the fence to make sure the fire doesn’t spill over into the park. 

Some excitement arises when, in the middle of the extinguishing work, Rhulani's manager Sean announces over the radio that a male lion was also present. Seems he wants to look at the fire, as well.

Sometime after midnight, the flames can still be seen for miles, but apparently the matter is under control. "The fire seems to be burning itself out now," Shade says.

A big thank you to everyone who helped to master this challenge so quickly that evening.