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Celebrating the annual “World Rhino Day”

  • September 23, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

The "Madikwe Rhino Walk" took place for the fifth time last Sunday. It was a day to raise awareness of these wonderful but critically endangered animals, and to give an insight into the activities of the reserve to protect our rhinos.

Rhulani's stand is ready in the early morning hours

Ready for the demonstration of the anti-poaching unit

All lodges and their guests participated in this special day

Fortunately, there are still quite a few white as well as black rhinos to see in Madikwe. This is primarily thanks to the relentless fight of the reserve's anti-poaching unit against illegal poaching and the sophisticated protection mechanisms with the latest technological means.

Rhulani Safari Lodge with all our guests attended this annual event early Sunday morning. It became an unusual and memorable day of a safari escape.

Due to the expected heat during the day, the activities started at 6 o'clock in the morning. Rhulani was ready with a food stand as every year, and our guests were given a t-shirt to commemorate the day, this year in green.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, many rhinos fall victim to poaching every year, even in protected game reserves like Madikwe. Help us and become ambassadors to ensure the survival of these beautiful animals for the generations to come.

The information on the stands, the 6 km march within the reserve, as well as a shooting demonstration of the anti-poaching unit (supported with a helicopter demonstration), provided a varied program and gave an interesting insight into the topic. At 10 am the demonstration was over and we drove back to Rhulani for breakfast.