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February update: The leopards are back

  • March 06, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

As our monthly statistics show, February was again a very good month for fantastic wildlife observations. It was striking that the leopard, which is very difficult to spot even by our experienced rangers, could be found with a rate well above average, which made our many late summer guests particularly happy.

How did the leopard manage to get here?

February statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

Lion cubs playing at night

It is one of the most frequent questions our guests aks the ranger: will we see a leopard? In fact, there are not many of these spectacular predators in the reserve, and of these, only a few show up in front of our cameras, remain relaxed and do not run away when a vehicle approaches. February was a welcome exception as we found this big cat in a quarter of all game drives, so most of our guests staying for three or four nights actually had the opportunity for a wonderful leopard sighting.

One of these extraordinary moments we want to mention here specifically. Look at the photo above. Do you see the leopard in the treetop? How did he manage to climb all the way up the thin branches without falling, and how could he make himself more or less comfortable here?

Solid at the top of our Big 5 statistics are the elephant (87% sighting frequency per drive) and the lion (82%). We've seen lions lately in different situations, for example, sitting on a tree, roaming around at night, eating on a zebra kill, roaring loudly next to us, with impressive males or beautiful females with playing cubs. It is only a matter of time before the lion will rank on top in our report for the very first time.

Let's mention other scores: Giraffe, the favorite animal of our ranger Alasdair, reached 66%. White Rhino 59%, Buffalo 37%, and even the Black Rhino, rather uncommon to see, got a relatively high value with 12%.

We are very proud that even at the end of the rainy season we achieve such good values, where the animals often hide or disperse because they find water everywhere. So, take advantage of the beginning of fall time and book your trip to the bush!

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