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Full Moon Drumming for Madikwe Rhinos

  • February 12, 2017 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

On 11 February 2017, during a beautiful Full Moon, Madikwe Game Reserve (in conjunction with Bongani Ngunduza) organized “Drumming for Madikwe Rhinos - a Fundraising Event for the Counter Poaching Unit in Madikwe who is constantly fighting against Rhino Poaching. The safari guests at Rhulani Lodge and me joined the event.

Drumming around the Fireplace during Full Moon

Djembe Drums were waiting for the safari guests

Bongani and Boxer were leading through the evening

Full Moon Atmosphere and Drums in Ambush Alley, Madikwe

Info Desk at the “Drumming for Madikwe Rhinos” Event

Bongani and Boxer – Drumming, Storytelling and Singing around the Fireplace


Full Moon Rhino Drumming Event in Madikwe

104 guests from 16 Safari Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve participated in the Rhino Drumming Event that was organized by Ezelle van Dyk and held in Ambush Alley during the Full Moon on 11 February 2017.

Bongani (from “Dipoo Tsa Pina Arts Performers”) and Boxer (from the local dance group “Thabang”) were leading through the evening with traditional African drumming, singing and a short dance performance.

The Guides of each lodge supplied their safari guests with drinks and kept an eye out for their safety. About 30-40 supporting staff and some Madikwe Counter Poaching Unit members attended the event as well.

The guests enjoyed beating their Djembe Drum and were having fun in the Madikwe Bush – while at the same time, knowing that they are doing something good and are contributing towards the fight against Rhino Poaching. Each drumbeat was done with the intention of saving the Rhinos in Madikwe.

Fundraising for the Anti-Poaching Unit in Madikwe Game Reserve

Sadly, the cruel and senseless slaughter of Rhinos hasn’t stopped. The aim of this Fundraising Event was to benefit the Counter Poaching Unit in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa – so that they can continue protecting the Rhinos in the reserve.

Funds will be used for:

  • Providing the Anti-Poaching Unit in Madikwe with proper  equipment (vehicles, night vision tools and uniforms)
  • Uplifting the morale of the team who fights against Poaching in any weather condition

Why Drumming under a Full Moon?

A Full Moon normally radiates romance and hope – however, this is sadly the time period in which poaching mainly takes place. The Drumming Event in the middle of the Madikwe Bush during the Full Moon in February 2017 was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Bringing hope into a dreadful time
  • Creating a presence in Madikwe Game Reserve at this high risk poaching period - by having vehicles from various lodges from all over the reserve drive to this event
  • Drumming creates good vibes
  • Diverse Audience – creating (international) awareness about the importance of Rhino Protection
  • Raising Funds for the Counter Poaching Unit
  • Easy and beautiful set-up with a fireplace underneath the African stars

Full Moon Night Drive Back to Rhulani – Riaan found us 2 Male Lions

After the Drumming event, the guests made their way back to Rhulani Safari Lodge. During this night drive with Riaan, they could spot 2 male Lions up-close as well as the silhouettes of beautiful large Elephants in the light of the Full Moon. The eyes of Impalas, Zebras and Wildebeests were also shining in the spotlight.

Video: As it was obviously dark in the middle of the Madikwe bush, you can’t really see a lot in the video – but maybe you can still feel the fireplace and Full Moon atmosphere – and just wanna listen to the sound of the African drums. Each drumbeat is for the Rhinos of Madikwe!

#SaveTheRhino – Donations for the Counter Poaching Unit

A huge Thank You to the Counter Poaching Unit in Madikwe Game Reserve – Keep up the good work!

Content / Photos: Dagmar Roscher

For anyone who could not attend the event but would still love to contribute towards the fight against Rhino Poaching can do this in the form of a donation – which will be greatly appreciated by the Counter Poaching Unit in Madikwe Game Reserve:

Banking Details for Donations – CPU in Madikwe:

Madikwe Concessionaires Forum

RMB Private Banking (FNB)

Branch: 22 20 26

Account no:  624 541 697 17


Reference: Madikwe Counter Poaching Unit