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Is Rhulani Safari Lodge a fenced camp?

  • August 24, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Rhulani Safari Lodge is located in the heart of the Madikwe Game Reserve, where all kinds of wild animals roam freely, including the dangerous "Big 5". A frequent question from guests is whether Rhulani has a fence for security reasons, so that the animals do not come into the camp. The answer is: yes and no.

A bushbuck - a permanent resident of Rhulani Safari Lodge

There is an electrical wire around Rhulani that is barely visible, allowing for a clear view of the reserve from any spot. This is our only fence.

The main purpose of the wire is to deter the elephants from visiting Rhulani. The large mammals can cause considerable damage. They can destroy the decks when they stand on them, drink the water from the pools, and eat the beautiful plants we've planted on various places. We are not always successful. The taste of the water tempts the elephants to find a way through the electric fence, especially in the dry winter.

Walking through Rhulani isn't really a problem for other, smaller animals. On a busy day in the camp, the animals avoid coming near us, but there are always exceptions, especially at night when things get quieter.

So be prepared to visit an unfenced safari lodge, so always look around as you walk around the lodge. We have pathways that go from the main lodge to your room with lights along the pathway. You are welcome to move between your room and the main lodge freely during the day. 

As soon as the sun has set, the night guard or the host on duty will escort you to your room with a flashlight. Should you wish to move around during the night, we provide the contact numbers in the room, so you are welcome to give us an call and we will come and fetch you.