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March update: Following a lion towards the setting sun

  • April 02, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Because of the late Easter this year, the month of March offered safari visitors in Madikwe a very quiet experience with nature. Time to relax and enjoy unique wildlife watching with the setting sun. Welcome to our monthly review from the bush.

Peaceful atmosphere at the dam at the end of the day

Wild dogs have just made a kill in the late afternoon

March statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

Following a lion towards the setting sun

The statistics on the successes of the Game Drives once again demonstrate that guests will not regret their choice to visit us. Twice a day, the excursions in the bush took place on our open land cruisers, in the early morning and late afternoon, each for at least 3 hours.

The probability in March of seeing one of the “Big 5” animals in one of these safaris was as follows: Elephant 90%, Lion 64%, White Rhino 60%, Buffalo 50%, Leopard 9%. The numbers show that if you plan a visit of about three days, you have a good chance of seeing all these animals at least once, except for the leopard, where you need a bit of luck.

But especially in the last month we realized once again that a safari with us is not only to tick off the animals on a checklist. It does not matter what you see, but how you see it. The overall experience of nature and the peace outside in the bush are worth a trip alone. And then, the exciting sunsets, which make the animals appear in a very special light and give rise to unique photos and memories.

A cheetah sitting on a small hill in the back light, a lion who sets out in the evening for the hunt, and which we follow in the direction of the setting sun. The calm at the waterhole with the game of different birds. Or the wild dog pack, which has made a successful kill just before the end of the day and, as the name suggests, is now eating the prey like “wild dogs”. All this we were able to testify last month at still pleasant autumnal temperatures.

We are looking forward to an exciting month of April with many guests and many new experiences.

Cheetah sitting on a little hill, in the backlight