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Martin: «The Black Rhino wanted our company»

  • March 09, 2020 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Watching anaimals is always something unique and special. Recently, Rhulani Safari Lodge's Ranger Martin was surprised by a very sociable black rhino, that followed him for a while. You rarely see something like this.

Time for Martin to take a picture with the Black Rhino

The rhino was very relaxed and we got within three meters to her

Black rhinos are dangerous. You don't want to meet them on foot. And if you happen to find one by car, you will see that they either run away or are aggressive and attack. So no time to look at this animal in peace.

"This rhinoceros was quite different. Very unnatural. I've never seen anything like this," says Martin. "It seemed to like my company very much, so I could watch it with my guests for quite a while."

So, what happened? Martin tells: “The female black rhino also known as the ‘Hooked Lipped rhino’, was spotted on a afternoon safari. On the approach I immediately saw she was very relaxed and got within three meters of her without her being anxious. She stood next to us eating for about 30 minutes. 

I eventually left her to go and have a look at giraffes about 700 meters from her. I spent about ten minutes with the giraffes. Suddenly the same female black rhino popped up next to us. She followed us all the way and stood next to us as if she wanted our company. 

It was an amazing sighting especially because it was a black rhino that is normally shy or aggressive!”

So we had time to take a picture of Martin with the beautiful animal.

The Black Rhino popped up again later