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"Our" cheetah made a kill

  • December 28, 2017 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

We do not want to withhold this photo and the great news: Alasdair found the female cheetah sponsored by Rhulani Safari Lodge with a kill. This is a good sign! The challenging introduction in the Madikwe Game Reserve seems to go very well.

Female cheetah with a young wildebeest kill

"Yes, this is our girl!" says Rhulani's Ranger Alasdair proudly. He found the beautiful animal, somewhat sheltered, leaning against a tree and a termite mound. Just somewhere in the 75,000 hectares of the Madikwe Game Reserve. So, we have our first photo, that shows the female cheetah in its natural environment, and showing that all is actually going well.

The cat had successfully caught a young blue wildebeest. She kept looking around attentively and was gnawing on the prey from time to time. These are all good signs. After a long time in captivity, the question of whether the natural instinct to hunt successfully remains intact, we can answer with a cautious "yes".

Enjoy these first impressions with us, and and keep following this unique story with us!