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Our rangers and the animals: an amusing relationship

  • December 30, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

At the end of the year, we present our team of five rangers' relationship with the animals. Did you know which animal our rangers fear the most, or which animal they would like to be in their next life? You can find it out here from Sean, Alasdair, Ralf, Dean and Willem. Have fun!

Sean with Dexter the Pug

Alasdair with Pixie, the Black Labrador

Ralf with his Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog

Dean and the Black Cat

Willem and Emily, a beautiful black Dog

Is there an animal, which you have not found yet in Madikwe, but you would be eager to see? 

Sean: Pangolin

Alasdair: Aardvark

Ralf: Aardvark

Dean: Aardwolf

Willem: Black footed cat


What animal do you know the most about? 

Sean: Crocodiles

Alasdair: Cheetah and Wild dog

Ralf: Elephant

Willem: Cheetah

Dean: Insects and Beetles


Have you ever been bitten by an animal? By which one? 

Sean: Leech, while cleaning the Chobe River

Alasdair: Tick (ha-ha)

Ralf: Chameleon, on the finger while guiding

Dean: Velvet Ants, very sore bite like a bee sting x10

Willem: Rat, Taking the rat out the Toilet


Do you have a pet? Which one? 

Sean: Dexter, the Pug

Alasdair: Pixie, Black Labrador

Ralf: Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog

Dean: Black Cat, recused of the side of the road when it was a kitten

Willem: Emily, beautiful black Dog


Which animal has a character that comes closest to yours? Why? 

Sean: Cheetah, always watching and aware of my surroundings, as well as a very fast metabolism

Alasdair: Giraffe, to see the world from above and be clumsy as always

Ralf: Buffalo, can be relaxed however can change the mood in a second

Dean: Owl, silent and observant of the little movement happening around him

Willem: Scorpion, Always in hiding, however once it’s exposed at night he will shine bright for everyone to see.


Is there an animal you are afraid of? Which? 

Sean: Buffalo, very unpredictable animal

Alasdair: Buffalo, very unpredictable animal, very big and strong

Ralf: Leopard, very sneaky and the most dangerous cat in the bush

Dean: Black Mamba, has the deadliest venom of all sneaks, with incredible speed and strength

Willem: Snake, Respect their ability and strength of venom


The next time you are born an animal, which one would you like to be? 

Sean: Blue Whale, explore the wide and massive ocean

Alasdair: Hippo, so I can sit in a pool the whole day and be LAZY in the water

Ralf: Black Rhino, to explore the bush with no fear and weakness

Dean: Spotted Hyena, very tough and great survival animals

Willem: Eagle, To fly high and explore the world by flight