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Rhino notching: “That was a truly amazing experience for everyone”

  • June 03, 2017 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

On Friday 26 May 2017, we took part in an important activity to protect the endangered rhinos. Sponsored by Rhulani, the ears of a young, white rhinoceros were notched, and microchips were implanted. All these are measures to ensure the survival of the mammal. An unforgettable experience for our guests.

Rhino notching is a protective measure to ensure survival of this amazing mammal

When the rhino lay quietly on the ground, the guests got out of the vehicle

In view of the dramatic situation of the rhinos in South Africa, "notching the ears" is one of the most frequent and important conservation activities. For our guests it was a an unusual program for a day in the bush. The relatively long drive from our lodge to the Madikwe Botanical Gardens, crossing the whole reserve to the east, had definitely paid off.

John, one of Rhulani’s guests, summarizes the experience as follows: “That was a truly amazing experience for everyone. We notched a female White Rhino who was about 14 months old, they named her Abby after my great niece that was very touching. The team were great giving everyone hands on experience with one of our most incredible animals.”

The operation started with an introduction and description of the process. Then the helicopter rose into the air, and shortly after, with with a targeted shot by the vet from the helicopter, the rhinoceros was anesthetize. When it lay quietly on the ground, the guests got out of the vehicle, and the work could start. Everyone got a task.

After successful work there was a refreshment. “The visit to the Botanical gardens where we had brunch was almost the icing on the cake. That experience will live with my great niece and her husband for the rest of their lives”, says John.

On the way back to Rhulani our ranger Sean managed to find all the Big 5 animals of the African bush: elephant, lion, rhino buffalo and yes, even a leopard. What a day!

Brunch in Madikwe Botanical Gardens