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Rhulani is exploring Madikwe

  • June 08, 2015 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Exactly one month ago, "Rhulani", the first female cheetah in Madikwe, was released into the wild and as started to explore the 75,000 hectares of the reserve.

20 May

22 May

26 May

According to first information, Rhulani has already well settled in. After a few days she made her first kill. After suffering difficult moments in the process to introduce a female cheetah, from the purchase to the transport to the difficult habit, we can now be satisfied and optimistic about the future.

Who now thought that the almost two-year-old cheetah female would be primarily stay in the area around ​​the boma, where she was safe during several months, is completely mistaken. Rhulani is not afraid to explore the different regions of her new home.

As the information of her satellite collar show, she stays often in the middle of the reserve, more towards the western side, or she heads towards the northern fenceline, which is the border with Botswana. Exactly the same as the five male cheetahs, that live in Madikwe, also Rhulani walks sometimes long distances in one day.

Read here frequent updates about our female cheetah Rhulani #RhulaniCheetah.

31 May

4 June

Rhulani is exploring Madikwe