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September update: Gracious and elegant like a giraffe

  • October 04, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

In the month of September, we experienced a remarkable change from the cool winter to a very summer-like climate. The quality of the safaris for our guests was at best level. The unforgettable sunsets over Madikwe and a joke of our funny ranger Alasdair will be remembered.

Our Alasdair - gracious and elegant like a giraffe

September statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

Wild dogs were seen when they were eating two kudus

Alasdair parks his 4x4 land cruiser in the setting sun, very close to some giraffes. A nice picture. The long-necked animals look over at us curiously as Alasdair takes the cooler boxes out of the car and begins to prepare for sundowners.

"I'll show you something!", says Alasdair. With the glass in hand, we follow our funny ranger a few steps through the bush, until we can see the giraffes up close. "Do you know why the giraffe is my favorite animal?" No idea. From our bearded, tattooed Ranger we would have expected an elephant or a lion as a favorite animal. "Because the giraffe is gracious and elegant, just like me."

This is just one the many episodes that show how beautiful and entertaining the daily game drives are with us.

Again in September, our rangers kept track of the daily sightings. The chances of seeing animals on a 3 - 3.5 hour game drive were as follows: Elephant 94%, White Rhino 66%, Lion 60%, Buffalo 58%, Leopard 25%, Cheetah 20%, Wild Dog 10%, Black Rhino 6%. These figures once again confirm that the quality of the safaris is fairly consistent over the year, despite the fact that we are exposed to considerable temperature and climate variations.

Among the many viewing highlights were a wild dog pack that killed two kudu and were eating them when we arrived there. Or two cheetahs that found a way into the fenced park administration aree, and with the help of our rangers and the presence of our guests, we managed to get them out again.

We chased two cheetahs away from the park administration arera