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Surgery on wild dogs - Rhulani helped

  • February 12, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

It was an urgent request of the reserve, and Rhulani provided quick and unbureaucratic help. In a few wild dogs strange tumors of unknown origin were detected. To be on the safe side, they should be removed surgically and analyzed for a more detailed clarification. The operation took place in the middle of the bush. Rhulani's Ranger Sean was present with our guests.

The tumor has ben successfully removed

Apart from the tumors, all animals of the wild dog pack in Madikwe are in excellent health. In some of the adult animals, these growths were detected at different sites, on the neck, and in one case, directly on the artery. None of the wild dog puppies were affected.

"It was definitely better to intervene here," says Sean, "so we have certainty, as it is not clear at the moment whether it's a cancerous growth, a parasite, or anything else."

For the intervention the affected animals had to be darted and anesthetized. The growth removal was done by the vet. Rhulani's guests were able to watch closely how the three animals were treated, and how the wound was stitched at the end. It was an extra-ordinary experience for a safari.

The surgery was a success

The growth needed to me removed

the dogs were darted and anesthetized