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“The Lion grinds his teeth down to the bone to get as much meat as possible”

  • June 21, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

“What a fantastic day out in the bush” says Ranger Willem when driving the safari vehicle back to the parking lot in the evening. One of those days when even experienced rangers like him are amazed at the beauty that nature has to offer every day. But let's let Willem tell the story }himself.

“Since three weeks already sightings have been beyond imagination. From seeing two Serval together, having at least one sighting of genets on certain nights and on ocassains even two per night.

The amount of small cats being active is amazing. We saw a African wild cat busy hunting, which is the second time in my life I could see that. And both happened in Madikwe Game reserve. 

But now, this afternoon was a very special drive. It is the third drive with the guests I have on my vehicle. After hearing from numerous guides about lions being active, it is time to go and search them. The first two drives we took it slow and easy, still getting to observe and know the surroundings and getting comfortable. 

We get an update from my colleague Alasdair about a male lion who is fast asleep next to a Blu Wildbees carcass. As soon as we arrive there, Alasdair leaves the place to follow up on the wild dogs so go to enter the lion sighting. 

First we were greeted by two black-backed Jackals waiting to get a chance and then there it was, a lazy male lion. His paws are streched out over an old fallen over tree trunk with the wildebeest carcass not far apart. So close that the his nose is touching it! Soon later, we witness how this big lion licks the meat of the bones  and grinds his teeth down to the bone to get as much meat as he possibly could. 

We hear the trumpeting of a bull elephant in the distance as it makes its way through the area, but luckily the elephant decides to keep the peace for the day and continues on its journey.

After departing from the lion we continue our journey back to the lodge. Passing by a well known pan close by the lodge we get to see three female lions, Jamala X and her two daughters. 

It was such an amazing day!"