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The Rock Monitor made the whole trip with us!

  • November 11, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Rhulani's ranger Alasdair, also known as "Captain Redbeard, is, according to our guests who have seen him, one of the funniest and most passionate field guides you can meet in South Africa. And funny things is what happens with Alasdair from time to time. But everything in the right order. Alasdair tells the story.

The Lionesses and the Rock Monitor

"We had hilarious moments out here when we saw four lionesses in the open field when they played with this Rock Monitor.

Watching the faces and body language of the lions was quite funny. They really didn't know what to do with this weird animal.

Poor Rock Monitor finally fled the danger and made a beeline for our car, but then we couldn't remember where he ended up hiding.

We drove off, and a little later, at Sundowners, we joked, glasses in hand, that the reptile was probably hiding in our car.

We later returned to the lodge and, honestly, I've never laughed so much in my life. The Rock Monitor was still there. He had been with us the whole trip!