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What kind of animal was that?

  • December 02, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Even guests who come to us repeatedly were quite surprised by this sighting. "What kind of animal was that?" everyone asked themselves as Willlem led the vehicle near the fence line that borders the park and this unusual creature was there and appeared to us to be completely relaxed. A small, dark, cat-like animal. The African bush is home to many little secrets.

Unexpected sighting: a mother Civet with her baby

Willem, the passionate ranger who sees the bush every day, is very familiar with this animal. "It was a Civet!"

The African civet is primarily nocturnal and spends the day sleeping in dense vegetation, but wakes up at sunset. So it was quite special to see the animal in daylight and even be able to take an acceptable photo.

It's interesting to know that despite its appearance, a civet is not really a cat. it is more related to monkeys, or even more closely related to mongooses.

Civet is a solitary mammal with a unique coloration. The black and white blotches covering its coarse pelage and rings on the tail are an effective cryptic pattern. The black bands surrounding its eyes closely resemble those of the raccoon. Other distinguishing features are its disproportionately large hindquarters and its erectile dorsal crest.

"I've seen civets in the bush a few times, but this was the first time I saw a mother with a little baby. That was fantastic!"

After a few minutes, mother and baby disappeared somewhere in the bushes. And we once again remember a beautiful moment in the bush.