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Wild dog barks at the lions

  • March 13, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

We have left the wild dogs for a while and find here in the bushes, lying and sleeping comfortably, the lions. Two great sightings, so close together. "That’s cool," says Ranger Alasdair. But suddenly the peaceful lions behave quite strangely, weird. They get up. "What the hell is going on there?" Alasdair turns around, reverses a bit.

Lo and behold. A single wild dog stands on the road and barks at the lions. He has also made it this far.

Alasdair: “The dog is starring at the lions, and then starts barking at them! What you would actually expect is for the lions to get up and eventually chase the dog away. But not here. The dog just stands on the ground and barks at the lions! That was really a very interesting interaction.”

Listen to the wild dog barking on the video. Truly unique.