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Wild dog conservation work with Rhulani's support

  • March 07, 2020 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Rhulani Safari Lodge gives occasional support to urgent animal conservation needs in the Madikwe Game Reserve. Early this week, in connection with the management of the wild dogs, which is the animal that is characteristic of the park, a collar from the “alpha male” had to be replaced. This was a special experience for our guests.

This morning turned into an extraordinary and educational safari experience.

The alpha male needed to be darted and isolated

Rhulani’s Head Ranger Sean gives us more background:

“Two different packs of wild dogs – three females and five males - were introduced into Madikwe five months ago, as we wanted to bond them to improve the future gene pool of this endangered species. Unfortunately they did not get along with each other. The ecologist decided to move the five males away and swap them with nine males coming from Pongola Game Reserve.”

As a result of this change, the collar that the Alpha Male wore for control also had to be replaced.

What sounds simple is not that easy. The two animals had to be darted by the veterinarian, isolated, then also medically checked, and finally the collar had to be replaced.

For those guests of Rhulani Safari Lodge who happened to be our guests, that morning turned into an extraordinary and educational safari experience.

Medical checks on the alpha male