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Rhulani Insights Special - Female cheetah release

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

Be free, and live life fully.
- Caroline Shaw, Violinist

We dedicate today's blog due to current events to the "Cheetah Project" in Madikwe. Today, our wonderful, small, skinny cheetah female named "Iketle" gets released into the reserve. Watch this uncut version of an amazing video.

Rhulani is a main sponsor of this project and supports park management in the efforts to establish a stable cheetah population. Today is an important day. “Iketle”, a 24 month old female cheetah, is freed from the protective boma. From now on she will be able to roam freely in the 75,000 hectares of Madikwe Game Reserve. As per our hopes and expectations, she will soon meet one of the five cheetah males, so that in a few months, for the first time Madikwe will experience the birth of cheetah cubs.

Together with Rolf we watch the very first moments in freedom of the shy cat. Follow the anxious movements from Iketle when walking out the boma. An incredible, heartbreaking moment!

Be free, and live life fully.Caroline Shaw, Violinist

The ambition to get young cheetahs in freedom exists since many years. All attempts in the past have failed. With Iketle, Madikwe finds new hope. "Iketle" is a word in the local language Setswana and means "patience" or "relax". The name fits nicely with the project and it adapts well to Rhulani, because as you know, "Rhulani" also means "relax".

Dear Iketle, we wish you good luck in the wild. Our hearts are with you!

Stay tuned for next episode on Sunday 15 May 2016 when we have to fix a leak in a waterpipe.

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