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Rhulani made her first kill

A week has passed since our amazing cheetah female called “Rhulani” has left its protective boma. We have reported in detail about the realese (to read it click here), and recorded a few moments of the process (see attached video).

Now we are all curious. How is Rhulani doing? Where will she hang around? Has she kept the hunting instinct? Will we be able to see Rhulani at all on our game drives? Will she be able to resist the dangers in Madikwe, especially the lions? And the most important question: Will Rhulani meet the male cheetahs and raise cubs?

According to information from Madikwe’s Conservation department, the first seven days in freedom went very well. Rhulani is exploring regions a bit more south from the fenced place which had been her home for several months. But even more importantly: Rhulani made her first kill on Monday 11 May 2015. It was an impala, which is a dish Rhulani knows very well from the time when she was still fed in the boma. Therefore she has kept the skill and ability to hunt and kill for herself - which is super exciting and a huge relief!  

Through a satellite collar, which Rhulani wears around her neck, it will be possible to keep track of the condition of the animal, even if it she does not show up for our guests. Therefore stay tuned for more stories out of the life of Rhulani.

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