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Sometimes it's good to close the windows!

- Accommodation

While at Rhulani a wonderful dinner with elegant evening service was taking its course, we were all amazed when two lionesses were hanging around the watering hole and curiously looking through the narrow windows of our hide. Our front of house employee Kyla dared to film the two unusual visitors from a safe distance.

The lionesses were already seen at Rhulani before dinner. They seemed to like the place! Since the guests were out on safari, they could not observe them from the lounge or the hide, but they came back with their ranger and were able to see them from the land cruiser.

The narrow windows of our hide, through which you can observe all kinds of animals drinking water from a very short distance, are open during the day. So you have a better view. This was also the case late this afternoon and maybe not the best idea. The lionesses seemed very curious by our observation post and wanted to take a look inside.

Kyla says: “Before the windows were closed, they saw me in the hide and made eye contact. The one female almost put her head through the window, so I made my way up out of the hide.”

A bit later, ranger Dean closed the windows from the outside while he was still in his vehicle. Kyla: “I then went down to the hide again to hook the windows in and the lionesses were still there. That’s when I took that video.”

Watching the two big cats at the window was fantastic, and the evening atmosphere in the background provided a beautiful setting.

After dinner, everyone realized why we always escort our guests back to the rooms, but then the lionesses were already gone, probably on their way to hunt at night.

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