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The release of the cheetahs will proceed in two steps

In this 1st quarter of 2015, we will closely follow the exciting project of the two female cheetahs. You can also follow our posts in the social media by searching #rhulanicheetah. In this period, we’ll be expecting the release of the two cats. The question is, how will this happen?

Every animal has a different character. It is the same with people."
- Thomas, Rhulani's Assistant Manager

First of all, it is very important to emphasize that it is far from certain exactly when they will be left in the wild. "As we have said many times, the cheetahs are still very skittish, and we are still working on getting them used to the presence of people and vehicles. We do not know how long that will take," Carlien Esterhuizen, Field Ecologist of Madikwe, reminds us. "This is nothing abnormal," says Thomas Rhulani’s Assistant Manager, "every animal has a different character. It is the same with people."
What we do know for sure is that the release will proceed in two steps. Firstly, the cheetahs will get a collar placed around the neck, and for that, they will be stunned for a short while. "This is the moment where Rhulani and its guests will be present and participate in," says Rhulani's owner Rolf, who looks forward to that approximate date at the end of January.

Every animal has a different character. It is the same with people."Thomas, Rhulani's Assistant Manager

"The collar has a satellite connection sensor, so we will know in which part of the reserve the animals are, whether they are moving around and thus, if they are still alive," says Carlien. Hearing this creates a certain concern, as there are many dangers for the cheetahs in the wild.

After the collaring procedure, which might impose a bit of stress, the cheetah females will stay another month in their transitional boma. So, by end of February, the second and last step will follow. The boma gates will be opened, and the cheetahs will finally be released into the 75,000 ha large Madikwe Reserve.

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