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A fresh paint for our swimming pool

  • May 29, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

A few days without guests came just right for us to give the swimming pool a fresh look. A few sunny days, a fresh paint and a bit of work - and the pool appears like new again. What looks like "everyday maintenance" is quite a challenge in the bush.

The pool is filled again - with fresh paint

Time to repaint our pool

We choose Charcoal

We had to wait consciously for the cooler winter time, where the pool was not used and we had a few days with no guest in camp. Only in this way such a project could be carried out. We completely emptied the pool to repaint it.

Where to go with the water? Luckily we have our water hole for the passing animals just a few meters away from the lodge. This is the ideal catch basin, which has a capacity to take the 50,000 liters from the pool and so the water is not lost. The elephants are very happy about this, especially in the dry season, which has just started.

Second question: which new color do we use? Certainly not a bright blue or even white. We are not a city hotel. Such a paint would not match the natural colors which are surrounding us and the dolomite stone in which the pool was milled out. But a slightly lighter color to give this beautiful place a fresh look is still a good idea. We choose “Charcoal", which is something like a light gray. It fits well!

Our employees are very much looking forward to this unusual and creative work. And the stable weather in "sunny South Africa" helps us carry out the painting according to plan.

Soon the new paint is dried and we can fill the pool with water again. 50,000 liters is the amount of our total water supply in the tanks, which are located in the backyards. We have to tackle the filling procedure smartly so that we have still enough water for the lodge operation.

Now we are back to normal. The pool color appears a bit blue in the sunlight. It looks beautiful. Do you like it as well?

Slowly we fill the pool up with water again