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A short update on the cheetah situation in Madikwe

  • May 10, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

For many years, we have closely followed the development of the cheetahs in Madikwe. At Rhulani, we are primarily interested in helping the reserve get its own offspring for the first time, and we have offered sponsorships for new female cheetahs. Time for a short update.

Soon, the two cheetah brothers will hopefully find the two cheetah females

In recent months, discussions about the cheetahs have become a bit quiet. Our guests see these beautiful cats on a regular basis, which is a highlight of a safari. In the background, the park's efforts to maintain the population of these vulnerable animals continue unabated, despite numerous setbacks in the past. Above all, the main goal is to report about a cheetah birth. The reproduction of cheetahs in the wilderness today is almost a natural wonder in South Africa.

In recent months, we saw occasional rendezvous between the male and female cheetahs, but still no successful mating has taken place. Even worse: by deadly diseases or, unfortunately, fatal power struggles among the males, stocks have been reduced again. This despite the fact that the females, which had been brought to the reserve a little over a year ago, actually got on quite well in their new environment.

As a result, the Park Administration did not abandon its plan, and has recently acquired another female cheetah, with the idea of soon releasing it to the reserve. Currently this animal is in the time of settling in a protected boma. As soon as the doors of the boma are opened, new hopes arise. There will then be two single cheetah females and two cheetah brothers which live together.